Are Your POS Terminals Outdated?

6 October 2018
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A POS terminal is the heart of a retail business. The terminal ensures that your team can quickly and easily perform transactions. Transactions that are vital to the financial health of your business. Just because you have a POS terminal installed, it does not mean that the system is equipped to handle your demands. If you've had your system for a while, it could be outdated. Learn some telltale signs that often show a POS terminal is obsolete. 


Most people are on a tight schedule. While shopping is a leisure activity, every customer doesn't have a lot of time to spend in your store. If your terminal is slow and you often hear customer complaints about the length of time it takes to complete their transactions, you need to update your equipment. Likely, the software is outdated, which is the reason for the slow speed. 


The manufacturers of POS terminals are continually evolving. As soon as they design one system, they go right back to the drawing board to develop a newer system. During this progression, manufacturers will sometimes stop offering support services to old models to focus more of their attention on their newer models. If your POS terminals are so old that they are no longer eligible for support services, this fact is a clear sign that it's time for you to upgrade.

Security Features

Keeping the financial data of your customers safe is essential. If your POS terminals are not equipped to handle new safety features, such as card chip access, you're likely not on par with this goal. Customers want to feel confident that their information is safe with you. Upgrading to a new system can give them this confidence and help them view your business more favorably. 

Cloud Access

If you still have to run manual reports from your POS terminals every day and then input the information into the computer to track your sales, your terminal is outdated. Newer systems are cloud-based and allow you to see data from your POS terminals in real time on your computer. At the end of the day, you can also run reports from the computer without ever touching the POS terminal. 

Use this information as a guide for whether or not you need to update your POS terminal. If you have concerns about your system, contact a sales professional who can assist you with your concerns. Reach out to a company like HarborTouch Bay Area for more information.