Are You Making Your Attic Into Sleeping Quarters?

28 April 2018
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Have you finally gotten to a point where you have disposed of the junk that has sat in your attic for more time than you care to remember? Perhaps your children are now grown and have children of their own. If that's true, you might have asked your grown kids to come for the stuff you've been storing for them. Since everything has been cleared out of your attic, you might have decided to turn that empty space into sleeping quarters. After all, if you have grandchildren, it would more than likely be very nice to have extra space to put them when they come for sleepovers, whether with parents or by themselves. From creating a design to buying an air conditioner for your newly redecorated attic, here are some ideas that might help you to create attractive and comfortable sleeping quarters. 

The Setup - Will the walls need special treatment, like wallpaper or wooden paneling? If so, decide on the type of mood you want to set in the new sleeping area. For example, if you want a very casual look, consider buying traditional beds. If you want an old-fashioned feeling, think of purchasing wicker furniture. Will the space be used for other things besides sleeping? For example, if you'll be using the attic space as a sewing room or a craft room, consider establishing a certain space for that purpose. Don't forget things like bean bag chairs or rocking chairs. Another great addition would be to have shelves that will hold things like books and puzzles.

Extra Considerations - Will the attic also have a bathroom as part of the design? If so, consider how it will be plumbed. Unless you are skilled at do-it-yourself projects, you might consider hiring a plumber to do the job for you. Remember, too, that the new attic sleeping quarters will need their own heating and cooling air conditioners. You probably already know that's a pretty big job. Consider talking to an appliance sales person who can recommend the best system for your attic. The purchase of your air conditioning system will more than likely include the actual installation of the unit. The person who sells you the system may even suggest that you buy a window unit and separate space heaters. Price and the positioning of the system will be two of the factors that are taken into consideration in the type of system you select