How To Make Your Stainless Appliances Sparkle

9 February 2017
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Stainless steel appliances are a beautiful, modern choice when shopping for your kitchen appliances. They look great with any type of decor from traditional to modern and everything in between. The downside to stainless is that it can show fingerprints, smudge marks, and water spots easily. Stainless needs to be cared for properly and cleaned with the right products in order to make those appliances sparkle and shine. See below for tips on how to clean up your stainless steel appliances.

Cleaning Them Daily 

You can clean up your appliances daily to remove dust and fingerprints using a damp microfiber cloth (other cloths may scratch your appliance). Be sure to wipe the appliance along the grain, since wiping against the grain can scratch and dull your appliance. Wipe down the handles and work from the top down to the bottom.

Bringing Back The Shine

Daily cleanings only do so much, and eventually the water will dull your appliance. You need to apply a cleaner to bring the shine back to your appliance. You can use a stainless steel cleaner, applied to a microfiber cloth, then wipe it on your appliance along the grain. Fold your cloth and apply more cleaner, and then wipe another area of the appliance. If you don't like the idea of using harsh cleaners in your home, you can make your own using natural ingredients. You can use olive oil or even baby oil to help bring the shine back to your appliance. Apply a small amount to a microfiber cloth and wipe it along the grain.

Removing Water Spots

Water spots can get onto your refrigerator and dishwasher pretty easily, and if you have hard water, it can look like a stain on your appliance (not exactly the look you are going for). To help remove these water spots, add a small amount of white vinegar onto a microfiber cloth, and wipe it on the water spots, working along the grain. The spots should come right off. After cleaning the spots off, be sure to polish your appliances using one of the methods above.

Stainless steel appliances are beautiful, but need to be cleaned properly and often to prevent them from looking filthy, spotted and smudged. Be sure to always clean them along the grain and remove dust from your appliances every couple of days to prevent the dust from causing fine scratches on your appliances. Look for stainless cleaner at your local hardware store, or wherever stainless steel appliances are sold, and use microfiber cloths.

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