Don't Let The Coils Get You Down: Four Steps To Keep The Coils Clean For An Efficient Refrigerator

19 January 2018
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The coils of the refrigerator are what help to both compress and cool the refrigerant, which is the chemical that keeps the air in the fridge cold. This process is often compromised by dirt and debris that collect on the coils over time. In fact, for this reason, it's recommended that you clean the coils at least once a year. However, it should be even more often than that if you have pets in the home since pet dander collects here, as well. Here are four steps to keep those coils clean:

Prep the Fridge: First thing's first, unplug the refrigerator to stay safe. Once you do this, determine where the coils are located. The coils will be behind the grille, which is either in the front or the back of your refrigerator. If it's not in the front, then you need to roll out your fridge to get to it in the back. Finally, unsnap the grille, and the coils will be there waiting to be cleaned. 

Brush Loose Debris: Once you've unsnapped the grille, brush all the loose debris first. To save money, you don't necessarily have to purchase a brush specific for coil cleaning, but instead can use a soft-bristle paintbrush or even a rag. Although a specific brush is recommended to protect the coils from damage, so it might be worth at least looking into if you can afford to splurge on one. 

Vacuum: Once the loose debris is removed, you will want to use your detachable hose on your vacuum to suck up any dirt and debris hiding in between and behind the coils. This should be effective enough to completely clean the coils, although if you notice any stubborn dirt or debris, you might want to gently go over it with a wet rag. 

Put Fridge Back Together: Replace the grille and if you did pull out the fridge, put it back in place and then plug back in. Don't plug it back in before putting the fridge back in place. 

If, after you have done this and you notice problems with the cooling efficiency of your fridge, definitely be sure to hire professionals for appliance repair. Chances are, there's a more serious underlying issue that is causing your fridge to not function efficiently, thus leading to higher energy costs, more needed maintenance, and food that goes bad too soon because it's not being stored in the right temperature setting. 

For more information on refrigerator repair, contact a professional.