Organize Your Store's Frozen And Refrigerated Sections And Maintain Cleanliness In The Store

8 November 2017
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If you are the owner of a small grocery store, you realize how important advertising and clearly marked prices are in keeping your clientele satisfied while shopping in your establishment. The tips below will help you organize your store's frozen and refrigerated sections and maintain cleanliness so that people who stop by can shop without enduring obstacles. 

Have An Employee Inspect Storage Cases 

Assign one employee to inspect storage cases at the beginning of each work shift. Provide the staff member with a notebook and pen so that they can jot down any problems that they notice. If food products are not neatly arranged and can be lined up easily by moving items around, tell the employee to make corrections as they complete their inspection.

During the time that the person is inspecting cases, they should be on the lookout for lighting that isn't working properly or gasket seals on doors that are damaged. If any problems are discovered, order replacement parts soon afterward to maintain the condition of each refrigeration unit or freezer. 

Instruct Employees To Hang Up New Advertisements In A Timely Manner

Set aside a block of time each week for employees to take down advertisements that have just expired and replace them with new sales for the upcoming week. A good time to complete this task is at the end of the day so that customers won't become confused or be inconvenienced by staff members getting in their way as they are completing their grocery shopping.

After advertismenets have been swapped out, walk through the store and inspect each of the new ads to make sure that they are hung in the proper areas. If an expired advertisement is overlooked and remains on display in the store, grant customers the sale price that is advertised if they happen to purchase an item that was previously on sale. 

Sweep And Mop Flooring And Clean Glass Cases Daily

After customers have left the store and you have locked the grocery store's doors, take the time to sweep and mop flooring. Cleaning the flooring inside of the store will reduce the likelihood that someone will slip and fall by walking over loose debris and it will also improve the appearance of your store's interior. Use glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to wipe off the exterior side of each glass pieces that covers a refrigerated or frozen food section. 

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