She-Shed Security: Protecting Your Get-Away Space

14 June 2016
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Once it was an ordinary garden shed sitting in your backyard. But you've put all your creative skills to use and converted it into a she shed. After all, if the guys get to hang out in a "man cave" watching football games, eating chips and drinking adult beverages, you get to have a private spot for yourself, too. Right?

Although she sheds are becoming increasingly popular, the one in your backyard does have a vulnerability. It's simply not as secure from intruders, inquisitive kids or burglars as a classic man cave.

Man caves are traditionally built into the garage or basement. As part of your home's structure, they aren't attractive or accessible to random visitors – welcome or unwelcome. Sitting some distance away from the house in your backyard, a she shed isn't protected by the front door, garage doors, a staircase or close proximity to your everyday living spaces. Sure, the privacy is part of the hideaway's charm. But because of its distance from the house and its attractive appearance, your she shed deserves the extra protection of a safety system.

Burglar Alarms. It doesn't have to be fancy. But it does have to be effective. Choose a simple alarm kit from your favorite appliance store. It should feature motion sensors you'll affix to the door and windows of your she shed. If anyone tries to enter your special space, the sensors will detect the invasion and set off an alarm. Select a model that makes a loud warning noise or one that sends an alarm notification to your smartphone.

Outdoor Security Lights. Mount motion-detector lights at the front and back of your she shed. If an intruder is attracted to your pretty little structure under the cover of darkness, they'll get a big surprise when they're suddenly fully exposed under the bright illumination of a flood light. That's usually enough to send them away in a big hurry, but you'll have the second line of protection from the burglar alarm if they're bold enough to go any further.

Deadbolt Lock. Don't rely on an ordinary doorknob lock to discourage a daytime intruder. Go for the strong deadbolt that can't easily be broken through. Yes, you'll have to carry a key when you head out to your shed for peace and quiet, but it's a great excuse to hang an adorable keyholder just inside the door for added, useful decoration.

When you've taken the necessary steps for security, you can relax knowing that the retreat is safe and ready any time you need to get away from it all in your own, cozy she shed.