How High Efficiency Washers Can Save You Money

30 December 2015
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Today's consumer is looking to help preserve the environment as well as save some money on their energy bill each month. New appliances have made this easier, and the high efficiency washing machine is no exception. These machines are designed to use less water and power to help homeowners save on energy costs and provide a cleaner, greener way of doing laundry.

Why They're High Efficiency

High efficiency washers must be manufactured under government standards to ensure they are operating under levels that earn them the high efficiency name. This means that the washer uses less power to run the machine itself, as well as less energy to heat the water inside. These machines also utilize less water during the spin cycle, which means it takes them less time to dry clothes. All of this translates into less energy used for both washing and drying clothes. The combination of less power and water to run these machines earns them the name high efficiency.

Spending Less On Detergent

If you own a high efficiency washer, you will need to purchase laundry detergent that is specially designed for these machines. Traditional laundry detergent will produce too many suds and can cause the machine to flood. This special detergent is designed to leave no residue on your clothing and linens. Be sure you always purchase this special formula if you own a high efficiency machine to avoid ending up with a soap-filled unit and clothes that are covered in suds. You will spend less on laundry detergent since these machines need a lot less soap per cycle to thoroughly clean your clothes. 

Water Savings

Traditional washing machines use something called an agitator, a large pillar that is found in the center of the machine. High efficiency models do not have this additional piece inside of them, but rather spin the load of clothing at a high speed and rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise at varying speeds, eliminating the need to fill the machine completely with water. When this happens, the clothing rubs against each other, creating its own agitation. The spin of the tub uses centrifugal force and lifts the clothing up and out of the water and then back down again. The machine does not need to fill up completely during the rinse cycle, thus saving a lot of water use.

With better operation and less energy needed to run, minimal water usage, and the need for less laundry detergent per cycle, it's easy to see why high efficiency machines can save you money every month. Contact a business like Hudson Appliance Center if you have specific questions about high efficiency washers.